• Photo by Kim Pearson

    Photo by Kim Pearson

    Biosphere reserves help ensure the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the region, by encouraging wise use of natural and human resources.

  • They provide practical ways to resolve land use conflicts and to protect biological diversity.
  • A biosphere reserve area gains access to information, expertise, support and funding through national and international networks.
  • Biosphere reserves encourage diverse local economies to revitalize rural areas.
  • The biosphere concept can be used as a framework to guide and reinforce projects that enhance people’s livelihoods.
  • Biosphere reserves attract academic and government research activity that addresses local issues and problems.
  • Biosphere reserves serve as learning sites to explore and demonstrate approaches to conservation and sustainable development providing lessons which can be applied elsewhere.
  • Biosphere reserves highlight the distinctiveness of the area and help foster a sense of place amongst residents and visitors.
  • Designation of a biosphere reserve can raise awareness among local people, citizens, and government authorities on environmental and development issues.
  • A biosphere reserve provides a focus for stakeholder cooperation and volunteer involvement.