Rancher with carnivore project copyright WBRA_2015

Rancher with Carnivore Attractant Management Project

The WBR is excited to share with you the newly released Large Carnivore Attractant  Management Project Report for Southwestern Alberta 2013 – 2014

This document highlights the hard work being done by producers in southwestern Alberta to reduce the risk of conflict with large carnivores from 2013 to the spring of 2015.

Restricting access to attractants can significantly reduce carnivore-human conflicts. In southwestern Alberta, the primary agricultural attractants include dead livestock (deadstock), granaries, bee yards, livestock, and calving areas. In order to decrease conflicts with large carnivores, the Carnivores and Communities program provides support to activities designed to remove or reduce carnivore attractants. Current attractant management projects are outlined below including removing dead livestock from the landscape, making grain and feed storage facilities more secure, and installing electric fencing to keep carnivores away from other attractants.

These projects are a part of the WBRA Carnivores and Communities program which works with landowners and other partners to reduce conflicts between people and large carnivores, a benefit to both human and large carnivore populations. The program is multi-faceted and targets reducing attractants for large carnivores, reducing the economic impact on landowners coexisting with large carnivores, and enhancing the safety of all residents.

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