1. Adopt-A-Highway – Annual Fall Cleanup
    2014 Volunteers for the Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up

    2014 Volunteers for the Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up

    Since 2013 the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA) has participated in the “Caring for Alberta’s Highways” program. Each fall WBRA volunteers join with others from the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Wieners of Waterton to pick litter along the highways leading into Waterton Lakes National Park. After cleaning the ditches, we all join together for a delicious lunch of gourmet hot dogs provided by Wieners of Waterton. In 2014, volunteers also enjoyed learning about the building and maintaining bluebird nest boxes from Gwen Tietz of the Mountain Bluebird Trail Conservation Society.

    WBRA Executive Director Nora Manners helping keep Alberta's highways clean! Photo Credit: Bev Bellamy

    WBRA Executive Director Nora Manners helping keep Alberta’s highways clean! Photo credit: Bev Bellamy


    Join us for Highway Cleanup! Highway Sign_2015_small_cropped

    If you are interested in volunteering to help us with the highway cleanup please email us at info@watertonbiosphere.com

    Usually the cleanup is scheduled for September and we are always happy to have some help!










    Supporters of this project: 

    Wieners of Waterton




  2. Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

    AIS POSTERAquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are non-native plants and animals that can cause serious ecological, social and economic damage when introduced to aquatic ecosystems. Separated from the pathogens, predators, and usual factors that limit populations within their native ranges, AIS populations tend to quickly proliferate and, once introduced, are extremely difficult to eradicate.

    In the last few years the spread of AIS, in particular zebra and quagga mussels, into Waterton Biosphere Reserve has become a very real threat. Without abundant clean water for drinking, agriculture, recreation, and wildlife, quality of life in the region would be severely diminished.

    Waterton Biosphere Reserve is working to help raise awareness locally about aquatic invasive species and distribute information such as Alberta’s AIS Quick Facts brochure at all venues we attend.

    Alberta’s AIS program focuses on monitoring, rapid response planning, education and outreach, watercraft inspections and policy.


    MUSSELSThe provincial government has been operating inspection stations where boats enter Alberta; with southwestern Alberta being a particular focus. Boats entering Waterton Lakes National Park also undergo an inspection in order to get a boating permit.

    WBRA will stay informed about AIS in our area and look for opportunities to reinforce the efforts of the province and other organizations such as the Oldman Watershed Council and Crown Managers Partnership (CMP) who are also working to stop the threat of AIS. The CMP published a guide to Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening the Crown of the Continent