In April, 2015 the Waterton Biosphere Reserve released a short film titled Sharing the Range, telling the story of the challenges of living with large carnivores.  It also provides viewers a glimpse into the lives of farmers and ranchers in the area who are rising to meet these challenges. To date the film has been well received and opened up important discussions on the future of large carnivores, ranching, and how the two may coexist.

We would like to invite you to attend one of three upcoming showings of Sharing the Range. While the film is available online, each one of these events presents a unique opportunity to view the film and participate in the hosted event.

Upcoming showings include: 

Nature Conservancy of Canada’s 11th Annual Eat & Greet – 5 pm – Friday, February 5th at the Twin Butte Community Hall
More details on the Eat and Greet event available here.

2016 Winter Speaker Series:   Footprints on the Landscape – 7 pm – Tuesday, February 23rd at the Pincher Creek Municipal Library.
Join us in person at the Pincher Creek Municipal Library, or via video conference at available libraries across Alberta (see link for details) as we join with the Blackfoot Challenge in Montana to discuss the challenges of living with large carnivores and how ranchers on both sides of the border are meeting these challenges.   During the presentation short clips of Sharing the Range will be shared, along with clips from the Blackfoot Challenge’s newly released film Boneyards, Bears and Wolves.

Also related to Sharing the Range and a part of the 2016 Winter Speaker Series:  

Join Andrea Morehouse at 7 pm – Tuesday, March 1st at the Pincher Creek Municipal Library or via video conference at available libraries across Alberta (see linkfor details) as she provides updates on The Southwest Alberta Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project.  The Southwest Alberta Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project (GBMP) tracked Grizzly Bears from 2011-­-2014, by analyzing hair samples collected from bear rub objects, fence crossings, and other opportunistic sampling locations with the aim to provide updated information on grizzly bear density and abundance within southwestern Alberta. PhD candidate Andrea Morehouse presents the latest results and findings.

Cochrane Research Institute Wilderness, Wildlife  and Human Interaction Conference Saturday March 5th  at The Cochrane Ranche House, Cochrane, AB.
The conference will have four concurrent events: 
Part 1:  Keynote speakers including Robert Bateman, Brian Horejsi, Paula Fairfield,
Charlie Russell and many others.
Part 2:  Film festival showing films from all over the world related to the theme of the conference, this includes a showing of Sharing the Range.
Part 3:  Art exhibit, a freestanding exhibit providing an artist’s view of the world’s wildernesses of land and sea, it’s wild animals, it’s people and the domesticated landscapes, plants and livestock associated with humanity.
Part 4:  Banquet, silent auction and entertainment.

For full information on these events please visit:STR-FTHUMBNAIL