Carnivores and Communities

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve would like to invite you to join us as we tour various carnivore mitigation projects of the Carnivores and Communities Program (CACP). The CACP provides support for activities designed to remove or reduce carnivore attractants. Current attractant management projects include removing dead livestock from the landscape, making grain and feed storage […]

The Kainai Ecosystem Protection Agency will be hosting their annual KEPA Summit on June 1st to 3rd, 2016.  This event is based out of Standoff, Alberta and hosts a variety of speakers, exhibits and field tours.   The theme for the 2016 Summit is “Climate Change Resilience & Adaption”. The goal of the KEPA Summit is to initiate […]

The WBR is excited to share with you the newly released Large Carnivore Attractant  Management Project Report for Southwestern Alberta 2013 – 2014 This document highlights the hard work being done by producers in southwestern Alberta to reduce the risk of conflict with large carnivores from 2013 to the spring of 2015. Restricting access to attractants […]

In April, 2015 the Waterton Biosphere Reserve released a short film titled Sharing the Range, telling the story of the challenges of living with large carnivores.  It also provides viewers a glimpse into the lives of farmers and ranchers in the area who are rising to meet these challenges. To date the film has been well […]

“You’ve got livestock – you’ve got deadstock”.   That may sound callous to some but unfortunately farms and ranches all have some degree of death loss, often caused by weather, disease and the birthing process.  Traditionally, many farms and ranches disposed of these carcasses in a “boneyard”.   This would be a selected area on their land […]